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About Madison

Madison is one of a few cities in the world built upon an isthmus and is renowned for its beautiful natural scenery. With five area lakes, more than 260 parks and nearly 120 miles of scenic trails, the setting is ideal for any type of outdoor activity. Over the years, Madison has earned the reputation as a “green” destination due, in large part, to the city’s dedication to protecting and maintaining these green spaces and lakes for generations to come.

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Frank Lloyd Wright:
Oak Park, a Chicago suburb, is known for its FLW walking tour,
Taliesin visitor info
And for those who like emotions to go with their archtecture a scary book about Taliesin by William R. Drennan, Death in a Prairie House.
It is a chilling account of the 1914 murders at Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin.


Madison-Freiburg Sister City Committee
Office of the Mayor
210 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd
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