Black Forest Hiking

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Freiburg is surrounded by the Naturpark Südschwarzwald: The Southern Black Forest Nature Park is one of the seven in Baden-Württemberg and the second largest in Germany. Freiburg is also home to the Schwarzwaldverein, founded in Freiburg in 1864, making it the oldest hiking Verein in Germany.

Traditionally the hiking associations have been involved in preservation and education. You'll find "Waldlehrpfade" (educational trails) with markers indicating indigenous plants, historical and cultural markers (in German). Hiking trails (over 24,000km!) are maintained by volunteers of local chapters. Routes are uniformly marked with the familiar color-coede signs in the form of a rhombus or diamond:

- yellow: local trails (gelbe Raute)
- blue: regional trails (blaue Raute)
- red: main trails (rote Raute) These famous trails cut
north-south and east-west), e.g Freiburg-Bodensee (Westweg) ; Black Forest-Breisach.

It's a good idea to have a map, but you might just follow the trail markers. You really can't get lost. There are the names of the nearest towns, attractions, even public transport (symbol: green letter H in a yellow circle "Haltestelle") and gastronomy (knife and fork, the international symbol) with an indication of distance in kilometers (1 mile = 1.4 km)

Note that there is a "Cheese Route" (18 dairy farms) and a "Wine Route" from Freiburg to Staufen, Schliengen, Weil through the Markgräflerland (Margraves' Land, referring to the Marcgraves of Baden, also the regional name for the Gutedel vine)
The trail is indicated by a red rhombus with a bunch of grapes, naturally. [in German]

Please note that many accomodations offer free regional bus passes (included in the resort tax) - ask for more information about the Konus Card when you book a room or apartment!

Mountains around Freiburg with breathtaking views and beautiful trails include:

There are many easy hikes just outside of the city center:

- From Vauban or Merzhausen to the Schoenberg, Jesuitenschloss, Hexental-Rundweg
- From Schwabentor, Kanonenplatz to Rosskopf and St. Ottilien

A beautiful daytrip using the cable car takes you to the Schniederli farm stead museum (1592) and the silver mines.(more photos here and here)

Schniederlihof (1592) Photos from:



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