Freiburg Attractions

Freiburg has an attractive Old Town -- actually a partial reconstruction of the old city center that was destroyed during the Second World War -- centered on the Rathausplatz or City Hall Square. Second photo: The City Hall in the morning. Third photo: The City Hall at night. Fourth photo: Some of the streets and squares in the Old Town still (or again) have little gullies full of clear running water diverted from the Dreisam River. These gullies, known locally as Bächle or little brooks, were used in the Middle Ages for the horses to drink out of, and as a source of water for fighting fires. Nowadays they are mainly for decoration and help provide a pleasant micro-climate during the summer. Local tradition has it that if you step into one of these Bächle by mistake you are destined to stay in Freiburg and marry someone from here.


This "Schwabian Gate" is at the southeast corner of the Old Town. It was first built around the year 1200, and has been redesigned several times since then. What you can do here is lock your bike to one of the bicycle stands, walk across the covered bridge to the other side of the road and from there climb up the hill called the Schloßberg. Second photo: Bicycle parking. Third photo: The covered bridge across the road. Fourth photo: If you don't feel like walking all the way up the hill, there is a free elevator that goes part way up, courtesy of the restaurant Greiffenegg Schlössle, which also has a nice beer garden up on the hill. Fifth photo: This tunnel is the entrance to the free elevator.

a lot of beautiful old buildings which surround the cathedral, like e. g. the "Alte Wache", which is today used for selling wines of this region and many other nice houses in which are restaurants, bars and hotels located. Wonderful to sit at one of this restaurants - outside, when the weather is good (it's more often sunny weather there than at any other place in Germany!!!) - with a view to the church and the market in front of it (mon - sat from 7 am - 1 pm) and all the people strolling around there and enjoy a "Flammkuchen" and a good wine from this region!
The Historisches Kaufhaus (Historic Merchants' Hall) south of the cathedral is a symbol of the importance of trade in medieval Freiburg.


Oberlinden is the street and small square that you will get to, when entering the old part of the city of Freiburg through Schwabentor. There is a fountain in the centre and plenty of houses with ornate and lovely facades of various centuries, also Hotel and Restaurant Baeren is to be found there, it is considdered the oldest restaurant in Germany. When you enlarge my additional pics, you will see various lovely houses with interesting facades.

Hotel Bären has an interesting and colorful facade and guide-books are telling us that this is the oldest Inn of Germany. It was mentioned in the history-books of Freiburg im Breisgau already in the year 1311 and at the facade you can see 2 more years indicated : 1358 and 1444, maybe during these years the house got a new owner. This part of the city close to Schwabentor is the oldest part of town, and it has also some more houses dating back to the 14th century.

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