The Madison-Freiburg Sister City Committee invites high school students from the Madison area to apply for a scholarship to spend a semester at a school in Freiburg. Students should have some knowledge of German (two years is recommended) and an interest in learning more about Germany, the German language, and the German people.

Because this is a student exchange program, the scholarship is designed solely for students whose families are willing to host a high school student from Freiburg for one academic semester.

To learn more about this program and request an application, please contact Michael von Schneidemesser of the Madison-Freiburg Sister City Committee at <>.

Important for pupils from Freiburg who want to attend high school in Madison:
It is essential that you plan ahead by almost a year, due to detailed and restrictive visa regulations applying to exchange students on a J-1 visa. If you pay high-school tution up front, typically $4-7000/semester, the required visa might be obtained in a shorter time.
Students coming to the US as tourists (visa waiver) will not be allowed to attend a US high school even on an informal basis.


Madison Freiburg Sister City Committee
c/o Michael von Schneidemesser (aka Mike vonS)
3555 Tally Ho Lane, Madison,WI 53705-2126, USA